My momma and I started this blog about a year ago now, and we can hardly believe how time has flown by so quickly. She says she was looking for something new to do, something that felt fun and creative. I was just looking for a way to earn extra treats while I helped her write and pose for photos! When we started out, we had no idea where our endeavor would take us, and really we still don’t. What we do know is we have had so much fun, found a new source of joy together, and have experienced many different learning opportunities. The people that we have met through this adventure and the support that we have received has been an unexpected and greatly appreciated blessing. My momma and I have much to be thankful for, we decided this is a perfect time of year to remember that. As we all take the time to think about what we are grateful for, we have the opportunity to watch how our lives will change as a result.

There is so much for me to be thankful for. Every day there is food in my bowl, a comfy bed for me to sleep on, bones to chew, and balls to chase. I really am one lucky dood! While it’s always easy for me to be thankful, my momma admits that it’s not always so for her. My momma says when she’s focused on being thankful she finds it difficult to think about things that get her down. Have you noticed that, too? Being thankful changes the way you think, and in turn, can change your heart which naturally moves you into more positivity and gratefulness. When your thoughts about what you are focused on begin to change, I know you will also start to feel much happier. What a simple way to make an impact on how you feel!

Often during this time of year, my humans seem to be focusing more on being thankful, gathering together around a turkey and spending time with one another. I am eagerly hoping for a bite or two! What if you made a decision to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving into your life all year long? I believe that doing so would start to change your life. Keeping a thankful heart and being grateful year round will spur you into finding more things to appreciate in your life each day. What are you thankful for? Think of one thing right now that you’re grateful for and appreciate. It may help you to remember it by writing it down in a journal or by posting it somewhere you will see every day. Sometimes even sharing it with a friend or loved one can make a more significant impact. The more you practice, the easier it will become, until you find being thankful outweighs everything else. 

My momma is very thankful for me, I know. I can tell that she is based on all the snuggles, and her daily hugs and kisses that she gives me. She squeezes me tight while saying that she’s grateful for how I make her smile and laugh every day, and for how much fun we have together. I know I make it easy for her to be grateful… I also see that my momma is appreciative of the people in our lives that love, support, and share their time with us. She says that there really is nothing more important to her than us.

Why be thankful? I think we can agree that choosing to be thankful will ultimately change your thinking and in turn, your life. During this Thanksgiving season, I encourage you to think about those things and people around you that you feel grateful for. Don’t forget to tell them how you feel! Look for the changes that occur in your relationships as you do this. I know you will want to keep having these positive changes all year long. 

Come walk with me, if you’d like.