One of the reasons my momma and I started this blog was to share what we think humans can learn from their dogs, while hopefully bringing a lightheartedness into this fast-paced and complicated world. Who would’ve thought that the fast pace of life that everyone had grown used to would suddenly come to a halt for nearly a whole year? Life may be slower, but my humans still seem to struggle with staying present. I can tell that my momma is often thinking about another day or something else other than simply being in the moment with me. From what my momma tells me, she may not be the only one struggling with this right now.

How many times a day do you find yourself distracted, in the middle of one thing yet thinking about another? Too busy, or simply forgetting, to enjoy the moment you are in, or to focus on the person you are with. My humans seem to often fall into that pattern. I’m here to remind them, and you, there’s a better way to live your life; in the moment. Because I spend every day of my life only living in the moment, I can show you how it’s done. I’ve mentioned that connection is my superpower, but I have more than one. Pulling my humans back into the present is something else where I’m a natural.

When my humans are distracted or thinking about other things, I have a way of stretching my paws up on their chest until they pull me up on their laps for a snuggle. What better way is there to remind them to stay in the moment?! Sometimes I may jump up to remind them I’m here, in the present, and I invite them to join me. With just a touch of my paw, a lick on their hand or face, maybe even a little nibble, I can quickly pull my humans back into the moment with me. The laughter I hear or the smile I see spreading across their faces tells me my work is done yet again.

With the changing world and the seemingly uncertain times, it’s even more important to remember to stay in the moment. You may wonder why this matters. It is important to fully enjoy the moments you are in, of course, and to reduce the unnecessary stress that you create when you don’t stay present. How much more peaceful do you feel if you stop and enjoy the moment you are in? When you relax into that moment of peace, those stressful thoughts, problems, or challenges become much easier to solve. Often, my humans don’t even have to try, answers become much clearer, and problems don’t seem as big.

Don’t let your moments be stolen by distractions or stressing about the future. The start of a new year is an excellent time to stop and take a moment to think about any changes you may like to make in your life. I recommend finding those simple moments of joy, those sparks of fun, that have the potential to help you to view your life with fresh eyes. To do that, you will have to remind yourself to come back to the present when you drift away. It’s simple to do, and it’s okay if you need to remind yourself again and again to live for today. Can you feel my paw gently reach out to remind you?

Come walk with me, if you’d like.