My family and I are a few weeks into this time of quarantine now, others may be longer than that. How are you feeling about being home and about all of the changes that have been happening unexpectedly? Personally, I love having my family home with me, whether it be the extra snuggling on the couch or spending time outside playing soccer. Although, sometimes even I need a moment or two of alone time! I can tell this is more of an adjustment for my humans than it is for me. I sense unsettled and uncertain emotions that seem to come and go. It has become especially important for my humans to stay in the moment, to reduce lingering feelings of stress and anxiety. I show them every day that living in the moment is my specialty, and I am here to help guide them! 

I often wonder how humans can possibly remain in the moment when there is so much uncertainty happening in the world around them. It’s no easy feat for humans to do this during times of stress. But now more than ever, this is the best way to live to get through this unprecedented time. When humans bring themselves back to the present, it reduces their stressful thoughts or feelings. Right now, things may feel unsettling to you as stay-at-home dates keep being extended, and you may be wondering when normal life will resume. Some may be feeling anxious about whether their job will still be there next week or next month, and perhaps for some it’s already gone. Most are wondering what the impact of this virus will be on people’s health. There are many future unknowns that we have no control over. 

Every night when my humans send me outside before bed, I can’t help but run to look at each of my neighbor’s houses. Particularly, at their windows. When their windows are lit, I love to say goodnight to them, and I watch for them to look out at me to tell me goodnight in return! I am not worried about my humans coming out to shush me or to finally drag me back inside. Nor am I thinking about the scolding that I will surely be receiving in just a few minutes. I am fully present looking at those lit windows, and I speak as loudly as I can to them to wish them goodnight. See how I shine in living in the moment?! 

Think about what might help you remember to stay in the moment, or might bring you back to the present when you have feelings of anxiety or stress about the times that we are living in. When those feelings may be occurring, stop and ask yourself what might feel like a moment of peace for your mind. Of course I have suggestions for you! It might be a walk with your pup. I’ve seen my humans having a phone or video call with a friend. Perhaps it’s being creative, drawing a picture, or writing a handwritten letter, or maybe it’s merely a quiet nap to recharge your body. I encourage you as needed to think about what might bring you a moment of peace or feel like self love. Tomorrow, ask yourself this same question, and again the day after that.  

We have no control over what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month. During this time at home, follow my example and live for today. By setting worries or stress about the future aside, what if we discover something new. What if we find a new joy in living for today? Think about the possibilities that might be created, maybe I can even learn something from you.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.