With so much going on in the world around us, I’m sure, like me, you’ve been thinking a lot about connecting with others, or perhaps more likely, about not being connected with others. Connecting with my humans is what I do best, I was created for connection and some might say that it’s one of my superpowers. I love to do it, there are no strings attached, and I make it very simple. As I see humans socially distancing themselves right now, I’d like to tell you why I believe it is possible to stay connected, and why I believe humans can feel even more connected in these times while they are apart from each other. 

You may be wondering how it’s possible to be more connected if we’re all making an effort to stay apart. How can we possibly connect without being around one another? A connection is more than just being in someone’s presence. I define connection as the love that ties us together. It’s a heart to heart thing, the unique relationship that exists between each of us. Since that relationship is not based on physical closeness, that love remains even when we are not nearby one another. And because connection flows from the heart, that love, that connection, can actually grow during times apart if we will allow it.

Humans can get creative in these times of separation, or just remember to stay in touch with one another, just as they must make an effort to do so in regular busy times. I’ve noticed with my humans it’s easy for them to get caught up in what they are busy with or during a stressful event or time. Stop and take a moment. Reach out to a friend or loved one to let them know they are on your mind, that you miss them, to tell them you care. I see my humans using so much technology every day. They talk with others on their phones or on their computers, often face to face. Call someone up, or simply, turn your heart towards them, as love does not require being face to face to flow.

Sometimes I want to lay right up next to my humans, other times on the opposite side of the couch, and still yet at times I lay away from them at the top of the stairs. But no matter the distance, I am still connected to my humans. My love for them remains constant, I know they are nearby even if they are not in my sight, and my heart is tuned in to them. Listen to your own heart, it will tell you how to stay connected with those you love. Your heart will also tell you when to reach out to someone that may need a moment of care in their day, or maybe when you do. 

I believe you’ll discover that a benefit of being focused on love is that it will ease some of the anxiety and reduce some of the stress that you may be feeling. Can feelings of stress and anxiety remain high in the presence of love? I’m convinced that they can not. Focus on love and on kindness, and watch what happens, how it can change how you are feeling. Sometimes a moment is all that is needed to shift how you’re feeling, or to change the direction in how you’re thinking about what is happening around you. 

We are hardwired for connection, as dogs, and as people. Take a moment to reach out, and to focus on love. Love may not fix all of our difficulties, but it may help you to see those problems differently. Even just for a moment. Let love be the bridge to help connect us together. Who couldn’t use more of that.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.