It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We hear that song playing during the holiday season so often. How many times have you heard it, even this week? From my eyes, it is mostly wonderful. My humans bring a tree to me inside the house and then hang shiny balls just out of my reach. They are so thoughtful, making the game just a little harder each day… There are endless yummy new smells, I don’t understand why I’m not able to try each one. I must work with them on their sharing in the new year. New toys are placed all around the house, including fluffy stuffed snowmen that I try to love on, but mom takes them away. It’s an exciting time for me with many new things to see and smell.

I notice other things too. My humans don’t sit down to snuggle me as much as they normally do. There seems to be a lot of running in and out of my house, and then they fall tiredly into bed each night. Does this happen at your house, too? I can feel emotions that seem stronger now more so than other times of the year. The happy feels very happy. Yet I feel the tension as my humans add many extra to-dos to their regular routines. There is also sadness as they remember loved ones who have gone before them, both human and furry. There seems to be such a well of emotions during what is labeled the most wonderful time of the year.

I call this the pricklies of Christmas. It appears to be a time of year when my humans reflect on memories, both happy and sad. At the same time, I notice my humans are looking to connect with family and friends, and it appears to be very important to them. I do what I can to provide a laugh or an extra cuddle while they’re feeling this way. While trying to remind them with a nudge, to take the time to slow down, to snuggle with me, and to share a moment of love.

Whether you are having the most wonderful time of the year or are struggling during this time, I say to you reach out to connect with those you love. It can be as simple as giving an extra hug to your loved one, human or furry. Perhaps even reach out to connect with someone that you see who doesn’t have a loved one to share this time with. Because underneath it all, if you clear away the busyness, the extra stress, and even the sadness, what we are simply looking for is love.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.