The snow began to fall again in my city the other day and I’m fairly certain there was a collective groan from those around me. Not from me though, woop woop! I love the snow and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it! We are not used to much snowfall around here, unless you drive to the mountains or the other side of the state. I notice that often during this time of the year people are beginning to look ahead. They are wishing for the next season, dreaming about getting through to the warmer weather of the upcoming seasons. Wondering when spring will finally be here. Don’t worry, spring IS around the corner, my friend. Hopefully this knowledge will bring comfort to those who need it! The snowfall made me think about how my humans should not be wishing the time away. I’d like to see them enjoying the here and now. You know, just like I do.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of looking forward for the next thing to arrive, whether it be the next season, the next weekend, or the next vacation. However, when you are living for that next better thing, you could be missing out on what is found right in front of you. The time in between the seasons, in between the weekends, and in between those vacations. Let’s not live for those times in the future that we can’t wait for. What if you live life now, looking for the joy to be found today and in between those things you dream about? I never look ahead, I live in the here and now, I find joy and fun every day. Even when the weather outside is crummy and all I’m doing is snoozing on the couch. Shifting to a different outlook can change how you are feeling right now, in the present. It can bring a peace, a joy, or simply a contentment with today.

I think there are a few questions that you could ask yourself. What makes you live for those moments ahead? What do you believe you will find in those moments that you couldn’t find today? A sandy beach might definitely be one true answer! Sometimes when the times you were waiting for finally arrive, you may not find what you were expecting. That can be disappointing, even a letdown. Then often times, I’ve noticed my humans once again start to wait for that next thing down the road. It seems to me that while living for those future times, they may be missing out on life in between. Life that can be full of joy, of meaningful connections, or even opportunities to grow. I believe you can choose to create a life that brings joy each day.

Let’s experience life every day. Please don’t wish away your time, don’t live for that future event. Enjoy each moment, live life now, because you won’t get that time back. Look for a new way to experience more joy every day. In the winter, look outside and let the beauty, the crisp cold air rejuvenate you. What I see is the green trees outlined by a brilliant blue sky today. Although I am sad the snow is now gone, I am enjoying the bright sky and sun warming my fur today! This week, I challenge you to find one small thing that you can do to create pleasure during your day. It can be as simple as that morning mocha like my momma loves. Don’t spend your life living for the next vacation and the happiness that time may bring. Create the happy feeling you have while on vacation right now, right where you’re at. Enjoy each and every day!

Come walk with me, if you’d like.