I think most of us like to feel comfortable, and what feels comfortable may be different for each of us. For some, it may be wrapping up in a soft blanket because that seems safe and secure. Others may find it’s spending time with their favorite people while laughing and enjoying their company. Maybe it’s taking some time alone that feels relaxing and carefree. Me? I find there’s nothing better than to be sprawled out on my comfy bed duvet or my cozy couch, the ceiling fan circling above me, lightly ruffling my hair. Of course, my humans are nearby! As I mentioned recently, sometimes following a dream or making a change in your life may take you outside of your comfort zone, which you may believe will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Sure this could be true, but I ask, what if being outside of your comfort zone can feel good, too? Or perhaps, even feel better than being inside your comfort zone? I say it’s possible. 

Have you given much thought to what a comfort zone is? I define it as merely a space between a humans two ears that they perceive as safe, peaceful, away from fear. Humans seem to talk themselves into believing that their comfort zone is where they feel the best. If this sounds like you, I challenge you to question that belief. What if something else can be true? You know, my whole life is spent living without a comfort zone, I do not allow fear to box me in one place. Sometimes when you stay inside a comfortable spot, that space can become stagnant, and you may not recognize when your joy there has faded. It may feel more natural to remain in that place because of fear; of the unknown, of failure or change, or any number of reasons that keep you where you believe it feels most comfortable. But what if a comfort zone can simply be expanded by taking one small step, and then another, as you pursue change or you follow a dream? An abundant and exciting life is waiting to be discovered outside of your comfort zone.

About a year ago, my momma took a trip to Coronado, California, where she stayed for a long weekend, leaving me home, mind you. How rude! It was the first time my momma had traveled alone, which she tells me was very much outside of her comfort zone. At the beginning of the trip, she knew no one there. She says that she wandered the island, spent time on the beach discovering the beauty of watching pelicans dive into the ocean, and found different neat places to eat and to shop. My momma said she noticed people were much more open for connection on a one-on-one basis rather than if she had been in a group, or even with just one other friend. People wanted to stop and talk about their day or ask her where she was from, why she was visiting. She also found that the alone time allowed her to learn what it was that she genuinely enjoyed doing. My momma came to realize that what she had believed would feel uncomfortable, was actually not. By taking that step outside of her perceived comfort zone, a place where she had come to think of as safe and secure, allowed her to discover a new joy in connecting with herself and others that weekend. 

What is tugging on your heart? Is it travel like in my momma’s story? There are so many different places in the world to see and things to try, places and things that may change how you see your world. Maybe it’s a degree you’ve wanted to finish for a while. If it is, I urge you to sign up for that class. After finishing up that degree, maybe a door will open that leads to a new job or career that also sparks joy! What might be found if you’ve dreamt about moving to a new city? Possibly it’s meeting that special partner or making new connections you have been longing for. Maybe you’ll find a new dog park that your furry friend would love, just like I would! The possibilities are limitless, but they won’t be discovered unless you step out and make a change. Sure, you can stay right where you are. But have you thought about what you might be missing by staying in your comfort zone? I encourage you to say yes and be open to change.

There is much to gain if you allow yourself to move outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes that can feel like a scary thing to do, but perhaps feeling scared isn’t all that bad. Maybe that feeling is there to nudge you toward growth in a new direction. A new path can bring unexpected joys and unique experiences that will change your life if you allow yourself to take that first step. Or, you might consider jumping in with all four paws! I ask you to think about what has been tugging at your heart. Is it travel? A career change? Moving to a new city? I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join me. Let’s see what exciting new possibilities are ahead of us.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.