Love is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I mentioned recently a dog’s love truly is one of the best examples of unconditional love. In fact, it may be one of the few consistent examples that we have. After all, aren’t we only human? Oh, that’s right, I’m a dog! I love my humans all the time, I’m sure they can feel my love through my kisses, my snuggles, and my deep gazes. Why is my love so appealing to them? From my perspective, there are several reasons why my love is particularly appealing. I’d like to share that with you, as well as how it can be used to change how you interact and show love to those in your life.

First, I think most people can agree that a dog’s love is without conditions. You don’t have to do something, or not do something, to receive our love. The love we share is just freely given all the time. Condition-free. Can you say that you do that? Even some of the time? Let’s be honest! What a goal for my humans, and even you, to strive for. I think the reason why it is so easy to return a dog’s love is that it is a pure, unconditional, and accepting form of love. Would you like to bring more of this into your own relationships? I believe it is possible and that you wouldn’t even recognize your relationships if you did. For the ones that already do this, you are also an example to follow.

When my humans come home, boy am I ever so happy to see them! I can barely contain myself. It feels like they’ve been gone for days and I’ve waited every minute for them to return. I dance and twist and twirl. I jump up (I’m still working on this…) to say, “Hi! I love you and have missed you and I’m SO happy that you’re home!” My job is to make them feel welcome, special, to let them feel how missed they were. It may be possible I am also trying to make them want to stay home more with me, or even to give me treats because they are sorry that I was left behind… How often do you show this type of response when your loved one comes home? Do you make them feel welcome? Feel special? Feel that they were missed? I don’t necessarily recommend trying the dancing, twisting or jumping habit. Or do I?

How can you bring more unconditional love into your relationships? I find that the first step is simply to recognize that you want more of this in your relationships. If you do, just acknowledge that desire. Next, think about one small shift you can make to show love to someone in your life. Remember, do so without the expectation of anything in return, and with no conditions. It does not have to be a huge step. A simple touch on the shoulder to show that you care. Or perhaps stopping for a moment to communicate with eye contact, to really listen to what your loved one has to say. I hear a box of chocolates also goes a long way! I’m still wondering when I’ll be able to try some of this mysterious chocolate… Can you think of something that would speak love to you? Try doing that thing for someone else. Watch how you feel when you do this. The feeling of joy, the pleasure it brings inside you. This feeling can be your road map to deeper, more loving relationships.

You know, all I want is to be with my humans, to love them, and to bring happiness to them. Doesn’t this kind of love seem easy to give and to return? In human relationships love may not always be this easy, navigating can be more complicated. I encourage you to take that first step. Think about the love you want in your relationships. Would you prefer the kind as I share, that comes from the heart, is simple, and leaves a lasting impression? This way of love is not limited to us dogs. I believe that we are here for several reasons, and one is to be an example of that kind of love for you.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.