Last weekend my momma and I were outside on our deck soaking up the sun, the sky was blue, and birds were chirping as they flitted by from tree to tree. My momma sighed and said spring was finally here and mentioned something about spring fever as she sat with her face tipped up to the sun. What is this spring fever that she was talking about? Is it being outside more? I sure hope so because I love being outside and prefer to be outside as much as I can! I notice my humans seem to be alternating between being excited and being sort of restless. Is this spring fever? What causes this to happen to them? I wonder if you find yourself impacted this way, by this thing called spring fever.

As the days begin to lengthen and things begin to bloom, what do you find yourself thinking about and feeling during this time of year? Are you dreaming about new possibilities, or are you simply just getting through each day? I’m just enjoying the warmer weather while I stretch out napping in the sun, dreaming of chasing, I mean playing with, my cat. Self-care is always a high priority for me… I see that flowers are blooming, leaves are beginning to fill in on the trees, the grass is starting to grow. All signs of new life. Is this the reason for those feelings that I sense? Think about ways that you might incorporate “new life” into your world. Is there something that you’ve been dreaming about doing, a new hobby you’d like to try, or perhaps a business idea that’s been tickling the back of your mind? Maybe it’s something that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get to someday. What if you choose today to be that someday? Springtime appears to be the perfect time for new beginnings, new growth in your life, even a fresh start. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a new pack of balls, or maybe even a haircut to celebrate the warmer weather that I’m beginning to feel.

In between the rain showers that are helping everything to grow, we are beginning to be outside more. I am enjoying the freshness of the air while my humans are removing the sticks and branches that I love from my yard. It appears they are cleaning up the yard as if to ready it for them to spend more time outside, by the way, I think the sticks are perfectly fine where they are. As the sun comes out, hanging cobwebs inside begin to be noticed, along with dirty windows (honestly some of which, well maybe most, are caused by me…), creating what seems to be a desire for an overall good washing. Windows are being flung wide, dust rags are flying, and furniture is moved for deeper cleaning. It almost seems as though this is therapeutic or calming for my humans. Why do they feel the need to do this now, when for the last several months there was a lot less activity going on? I’m not fully on board because my help is discouraged and my favorite sticks are being removed… Where else might this spring cleaning be implemented in your life, to make a positive change?

Take the time to notice the thoughts and feelings that you may be experiencing during this season. Perhaps that restless feeling I’ve noticed can be a motivator for new habits, time for reflection, or even a reminder for self-care. Those thoughts and feelings may be there for a reason, possibly as a nudge to move out a bit of the old to make room for something new, not just a distraction from today’s must do’s. I say use that extra daylight and warmer weather to your advantage to carry out those creative thoughts and ideas. Or, simply enjoy that time outside in the sunshine relaxing, as I do. Either way, I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.