I live my life having as much fun as possible every day. When is the last time you had some fun? I mean so much fun that at the end you felt energized, felt renewed, you believed you could accomplish anything. It’s amazing what fun and laughter can do to our overall outlook. The change it can bring to a regular day, and especially to one that’s been particularly difficult. Someone once told me that laughter is like a medicine. I believe that laughter goes hand in hand with having fun, and both together can be a game changer in our life. Let’s talk about one of the top priorities in my life; let’s talk about fun.

Having fun is a top priority for me, it’s perhaps only second to food… When you look at me, you may be able to tell I’m always ready for a good time. We just had 10 days of major snow where I live. I had no idea how much fun playing in the snow could be, running, jumping, and shoving my face into piles of white fluff. It was even better when my momma would come outside to play with me. I loved zooming around as fast as I could and then launching myself straight at her, my legs and paws flying. One of the most important things I am showing my humans how to do is to take more time to have fun. Is having fun a priority to you? How much “play time” do you add into your schedule? If we purposefully add in more of what brings us joy, that joy carries over into our day-to-day lives, making our daily routine both easier and more enjoyable.

Think about what might feel like joy to you. Perhaps a night out with your special someone, or sitting down to watch your favorite sports team play? How about following my momma’s example and doing what feels good to her at the time on her fun Fridays? I often suggest to her with my big brown eyes that a walk or some cuddle time with me might sound nice to her (and to me, too)! It seems like a no-brainer to me to make a choice that can impact our lives in a big way, just by taking more time to do what brings more joy.

Can we take this a step further? What if fun doesn’t just have to be an activity scheduled in our life? What if it can be a way of thinking or a way of living? Take the above photo of me for example. I was posing for a photo shoot when suddenly I felt like rolling. So, I rolled. It was fun and it brought instant laughter to both my momma and the photographer who were watching. It was my way of saying, let’s have a little fun right now. I may have also been trying to earn an extra treat! How can we add a bit of fun to a routine activity, something that’s not typically labeled as a ‘good time’? How can we make activities such as cleaning the house, running errands, or being at work feel more enjoyable? What a difference it would make if a more light-hearted feeling was incorporated into everything we do.

I believe it is possible that fun can be a way of thinking. A way of being. A choice we make. What kind of an impact would it make if we chose to turn on the music and dance away the house cleaning. Or make a game of completing those errands because afterward we know a puppuccino is our reward. I mean a coffee! I believe it’s even possible to find ways to create more fun while being at work. I’m serious, it could happen! Think about those whom you are interacting with at work, could you find yourself connecting with these people in new ways? Perhaps by listening with a different ear to learn something new about their life, or discovering a new way to think about something they mention. That sounds more enjoyable to me!

We can absolutely schedule more good times into our lives. Can we also create a new mindset of finding fun in the everyday? I invite you to make the choice to add more fun into your life. Whether it be to add a special event to your calendar or to have that mini dance party at home. Choose to find a new way to add a spirit of fun into your world. Stop, drop and roll. Just watch the ripple that small action will create.

Come walk with me, if you’d like.