My humans watch football on Sunday’s, and I can tell that they really love their team. They hoot and holler, and I hear them yell, “Go Hawks!” Sometimes I see them groan, hang their heads and moan, ”Nooo!” But it’s not too long until their heads pop up and they cheer, “Come on guys you got this, you got this! Let’s go Hawks!” Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the yelling, but I love the electric energy in the room. There’s something else that I’ve noticed in the midst of the cheering, something that has made an impact on my family as they listen to the team’s quarterback, Russell Wilson. Russell often says, “Why not us?” when talking about his team, or encouraging teammates and fans alike that anything is possible. Why not us to win this game, to accomplish the sometimes seemingly impossible. That way of thinking seems to be seeping into my momma’s outlook in particular. She tells me it’s a motivator for herself. Today I’m asking you to think about, why not you? What is it that you’d like to accomplish? Who would you like to become? Is there some particular area of growth in your life that you’ve been yearning for? 

What are your beliefs about what is possible in your life? I believe the thoughts that you have can directly affect what occurs in your life. Think about what it is that you are focused on today, listen in to your thoughts. See if you discover any patterns. What you’re focused on, what you’re thinking about, is what you’ll find. Have you noticed that? When I’m focused on my treats, they suddenly appear! Hmm, could that be because I’m sitting so cute, my eyes blazing intently into my momma’s, willing her to hand me that treat? My momma says when she had my brother Bear before me, a white labrador retriever, she always saw white labs everywhere she went. Now that I’m here, she sees labradoodles like me everywhere she goes. Might it be that what she is thinking about is what she sees? I say it’s no coincidence.

Why not you? What might happen if you focus on what is possible, how whatever it is that you’d like to accomplish in your life is achievable? I think a pivotal shift will happen if you do. Of course, my focus is always on what I can achieve, I have no doubt my treats will appear. It’s more than a way of thinking, it’s a way of believing. Recognizing that anything is possible when you trust that it is. Think about how much can be accomplished if you start to think that way!

My humans also notice that Russell Wilson trusts that they will win until the very end of the game. There is never a doubt, no matter what the circumstances, that winning the game is possible. Even when the score is down, there’s never been a time when you see Russell shrug and say, “Well we gave it a good shot, but it’s just too much to overcome, it’s not our game to win today.” Until the very end of the game, Russell practically exudes that there is a way. I ask you, what would be possible in your own life if you followed Russell’s example? If you maintain the belief, there is a way to accomplish your dreams, goals, that which is that is important to you, to the very end. Sure you may get knocked down, your paws may get scuffed, and sometimes there may even be a large deficit to overcome. But it doesn’t matter the score or how the outcome may appear; your eyes stay on the prize. 

What we are focused on, what we believe about ourselves, is truly what we will become and what we will find before us. I invite you to really think about those words, why not you. Three little words packed with the powerful potential to change your life. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Take that first step, listen in to what you are saying to yourself. If there’s something you’d like to change, I know you can. Thank you, Russell, for your example and for reminding us of those three simple words. Why not us?

Come walk with me, if you’d like.